Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Sale

Welcome to the March sale - there are lots of great new goodies this month.
To order, please copy and paste the item description into an email and forward to
with ORDER and SURNAME in the subject line and ADDRESS in the email.
To view our bottlecaps, see the separate tab above (they are listed on a page of their own)
We will then send you an itemised invoice for your order.
Payments are now made via bank deposit or paypal.

Bottlecaps are available everyday from this sale!!

Bright felt pinwheels - 3 for $3.50
Girl felt pinwheel - 3 for $3.50
Butterfly hatpins - 3 for $3 (large size)
small butterfly hatpins - 3 for $2.50
pearl hatpins (small) 3 for $2.50
blue felt hearts - 3 for $2
pink felt hearts - 3 for $2

Bright button pack - (medium buttons) 3 for $3.50
text buttons (large) - 2 for $3
cute button pack (medium) - 4 for $4.20
Boy buttons (medium) - 2 for $2.50
(dinosaur image may differ from photo)
Dinosaur buttons (large) - 2 for $3
(images may differ from photo)
and I still have some of these available:

embellishment kit - pack 1 - $5
(includes 6 hand dyed paper doilies
2 bottlecaps, 30cm paper lace ribbon,
2 maya road hat pins, 3 medium buttons (owl may differ))
Embellishment kit - pack 2 - $5
(includes 6 hand dyed paper doilies,
2 bottlecaps, 30cm paper lace ribbon, 2 maya road hat pins
3 small buttons, 1 medium button (geisha girl button image may differ))

Thursday, March 8, 2012

March sneak peeks

Here are a couple of sneak peeks for March.
Hat pins will make an appearance in a few different forms: here is one
And some new bottlecaps
there are some more fantastic bottlecaps in these ranges, with lots of butterflies
and hearts available, and some cute Easter images for those upcoming
Easter hunting photos.