Friday, February 22, 2013

Inspired by Sarah

I have created this page for Sarah's challenge over at
Scrapbooking Top 50
You had to try her technique: using watered down paints
(which Sarah does extremely well!)
So here it is
 I went with summery blues and greens
with a hint of yellow and hot pink
 Quite happy with how it turned out. Thanks Sarah!
And of course, here is a new Ah Scrap little family bottlecap
still available on the tab at the top

Thanks for looking

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February sale

Welcome to the 1st Sale of 2013 - there are some great goodies this month.

To order, please copy and paste the item description into an email and forward to
with ORDER and SURNAME in the subject line and ADDRESS in the email.

To view my bottlecaps, see the separate tab above (they are listed on a page of their own)
I will then send you an itemised invoice for your order.
Payments are now made via bank deposit or paypal.

Bottlecaps are available everyday from this sale!!

Love flags - Pack of 8 - $2

Vintage rosettes - 2 for $3

Blue Denim pinwheels - 3 for $3.50

Peach Denim Pinwheels - 3 for $3.50

Hessian Pinwheels - 3 for $3.50

Purple flower wheels - 3 for $2.50

Red flower wheels - 3 for $2.50
thanks for stopping by

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Here is your chance to win some goodies.
Before our next sale 13/2/13, just share this photo on your blog with a link here and leave a msg saying that you have -EASY

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mix it Up

Have you ever looked through the HUGE list of bottlecaps but decided there were only 1 or 2 in the sets that you liked??

Well now I am offering MIX IT UP!

You can pick which bottlecaps you like and order them, as long as you order 3 (of any kind you like) and they will still be 3 for $3.50.

For example: if you like 1 batman and its the one in the middle, then order batman cap # 2

or Spiderman cap #1 and so on.

Email me @ if you would like help or more info.

This will begin from next sale date 13th February!!