Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome to the July Sale

Welcome to the July sale - there are lots of great goodies this month.
To order, please copy and paste the item description into an email and forward to
with ORDER and SURNAME in the subject line and ADDRESS in the email.
To view our bottlecaps, see the separate tab above (they are listed on a page of their own)
I will then send you an itemised invoice for your order.
Payments are now made via bank deposit or paypal.

Bottlecaps are available everyday from this sale!!

The first 5 orders only will receive a mystery pack of bottlecaps with their order!

 Kraft doilies - 4 medium, 4 small $1 pack
 large red cherries - $1.50 each
 small ladybug buttons - 3 for $1.50
blue butterfly hatpins - 2 for $1.50
 Blue mystique - 2 for $2 
 mother of pearl - 3 for $2.50
 light blue oval - 3 for $2.50
paper flags - 6 pack $1.50
Warm felt pinwheels - 3 for $3.50

Dont forget to check the new bottlecaps on their page at the top!!

thanks for looking!!

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